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Wedding Couple Same Sex River Whistler

When selecting Whistler for your Wedding Celebration and choosing Dusty’s as your venue of choice, you better be ready for memories of a lifetime.  This is exactly why Brian & Giuseppe, a same -sex couple selected this legendary ski bar to celebrate their union with their chosen family.

“When we finally decided to get married it was the obvious choice to celebrate in the spot that had given us so much joy. And who doesn’t love Dusty’s? It’s rustic in all the right ways, it’s a ski bar with just the right amount of charm, and it’s a space that just knows how to throw a good party. It really was a no-brainer.”

Giuseppe and Brian first met in an online chat room while they both lived in Chicago, IL. No profile pics, just usernames and mountains of irrepressible charm. Their first date came weeks later, in a pizza shop where they chatted so long Brian wound up missing is flight home for Christmas. And while United couldn’t rebook him until the following day, He didn’t care because it meant he could have a second date with Giuseppe that very same night.

Their wedding is the impossible and improbable continuation of that day. Over 11 years they would give up their homes, their countries, their careers, and half of their family just to find a way to be together. They’d be touched by a civil war in one of their home countries, and would see the other impose an entry ban that would prevent them from seeing their remaining family. Their wedding is a celebration of that journey shared together, an opportunity to embrace their chosen family and a chance for them to exhale.

Because when love wins after a bruising fight, who doesn’t want a cocktail?

I quickly found myself having such a strong connection with Brian & Giuseppe. Their incredible story of love and resilience moved me beyond words. I understood how important it was for them to celebrate with their chosen family and show everyone a good time. Being the givers that they are, I knew that taking a moment for them was going to be essential. I choose the river, it’s powerful current yet quiet beauty always takes my breath away and I felt it was the perfect setting metaphorically and physically for their couple photos. It was my own way of giving them permission to catch their breath for what I knew was going to be an emotional ceremony to come.

“Your wedding day is overwhelming. Make every effort to stay present in the moment. Don’t let your mind wander off. Look into your partner’s eyes and savour every embrace… there’s going to be a lot of them.”

Couple Whistler Same Sex River Wedding

As they made their entrance, the powerful Brandi Carlile – The Story started playing and there was not a dry eye in sight. Multiple times, I had to blink and look up to the sky to avoid blurry eyes as tears of joy rolled down my cheeks.  The energy and the love felt during that moment among everyone present has such an intensity. Brian & Giuseppe had excepts from their love story read by friends and family members in which you could not denied that love does conquer all if you want it bad enough.

Their wedding was very much inspired by the idea of the chosen family. They quoted RuPaul at end of their ceremony when the officiant said, “As gay people we get to choose our family, and tonight we choose you.” It was a message to all of their guests that the raucous party to follow would be as much a celebration of them as it would be of their chosen family.

They opened their celebration with a cocktail hour before the ceremony where they greeted, hugged, and kissed all of their guests. Let’s just say they did not disappoint for “candid” photos during their cocktail proof once again that gays do have more fun. Case in point.

“The party rolled right into the reception where our drag queen MC slayed down the house with a gagworthy lip sync performance that no one will ever forget. It was a giant, unapologetically gay party, and we loved every second of it.”

And just for good measures to keep the emotions high, Giuseppe unexpectedly stood in front of their chosen family, courageously challenging us all to love unconditionally. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room, and even the bartenders were sobbing.

“Pascale deserves obvious kudos. Herding a gaggle of gays is no easy task and she was unbelievable. We don’t know what’s more impressive, her eye or her heart. We suspect the eye wouldn’t be so great if it weren’t for her big heart.”

– Brian + Giuseppe

Brian & Giuseppe, thank you for sharing a part of your incredible love story with me and inviting me to be your story-teller.  I am forever an ally and I thank you for inspiring me to love as fiercely and as unconditionally as you do.

I invite you to discover Rainbow Refugee, a beautiful organisation that is very close to Brian & Giuseppe’s hearts as well as one of my favorites to Give Back .

– Pascale oxo


It takes a team of passionate people to make an event happen. Thank you to wedding planner Linda Marshall whom surprised B&G with so many special details they never saw coming. Finally, the amazing wedding team at Whistler Blackcomb. They made planning effortless & made everyone feel completely taken care of.

Photographer: Gadbois Photography
Venue: Dusty’s Bar & BBQ
Location: Whistler Blackcomb
Wedding Planners & Florals: Whistler Wedding Planners
Music: Trax DJS
Commissioner: A friend of the couple

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