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When a couple search for a a Whistler Engagement Photographer or simply a Whistler photographer for portrait, they are faced with the decision often time to trust their guts on whom would be the best fit for them. Frieda & Manny, had planned their Whistler Holiday for the past year knowing that after 3 years of marriage and a family, it was cause and time for celebration and some TLC.
“We planned it as a couples retreat of sort- for the renewal of our vows, a time to honour our past and to celebrate in advance what our future will hold”. We were in absolute awe of the beauty of Whistler when we arrived and wanted to capture images that truly represented the sentiments our hearts carried for it and our love for each other at that very moment.”

They reached out and within minutes we were talking about marriage, family, to-do list and sharing common realities of leading a busy life. They were so gracious in their trust and confidence. I could fell their love for one and other, their awe for the beauty that surrounded them in Whistler and their desire to not only find a Whistler Photographer but to truly connect with the right person. I wanted to create an intimate environment that would allow them to feel comfortable being photographed while also keeping the session spontaneous, light and fun… with a little “wow” factor with scenery if I could help it!

I shared the details of my GRATITUDE SESSION and knew it was the perfect fit for them.

When I arrived at the  The Crystal Lodge to pick them up, I knew this was going to be a fantastic moment.  I could already get lost in their embrace, Frieda’s amazing smile and Manny’s gorgeous soft eyes. The weather was fantastic and with a strong sun and it was the perfect excuse to take them a little away from the main village and show them a bit of beauty and privacy.

Gadbois Photography Whistler Wedding Photographer
The Mountains showed their pretty self in the background and within minutes, they both made everything else disappear and allowed me into their joy, their love and their feeling of gratitude for one and other. It’s such a privilege to be able to learn about one and other during the photo session, shooting in between conversation, seeing the ease and comfort, I am able to provide them to truly shine and be their glorious self. Is there anything better to offer than making someone feel beautiful, loved and worthy? I could witness the fun dynamic they carried and the fantastic sense of humour that one a married couple a few years in can enjoy!
Gadbois Photography Whistler Wedding Photographer
Gadbois Photography Whistler Wedding Photographer

Time flew by and I could not contain my excitement knowing the images we captured, knowing that Frieda & Manny had gone into this , walls down, full trust and deep appreciation for investing the time and money to have this moment in time captured for them to remember.

I dropped them back at their hotel, we promised to keep in touch and to reconnect again during their next Whistler Holiday (yes, they were already planning their return).

Frieda & Manny, thank you for sharing a part of your story with me and inviting me to be your story-teller.

– Pascale oxo

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