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My name is Pascale and I am the eye, the smile and the joie de vive behind Gadbois Photography. I am a lover of life but more importantly a lover of love. I capture every kind of love because what I know to be true is that LOVE is LOVE. I believe that life flies by and that my superpower is my ability to freeze a moment in time forever.

I am a mother to an amazing daughter, a life partner, a daughter, a sister, a good but clumsy mountain biker, a hugger, a dog whisperer, an almond chai latte lover, a wine drinker, an ex-national team freestyle skier and an early morning riser (but only on Christmas morning and Opening Day on the mountain).

pascale gadbois whistler wedding photograper

– Pascale oxo

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Creating an environment of trust, ease & respect and capturing this moment where nothing else matters except you, here, now.

gadbois photography torn edge bottom wheat
gadbois photography torn edge top wheat