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We’ve all seen these steamy engagement photo sessions … his strong arms protectively holding her close, both lost deep in each others eyes as if nothing else matters and like no one else was there. We’ve also all seen the very run of the mill, standard posed kiss engagement photos that could comfortably hang on grandma’s kitchen wall. Notice the word ‘steamy’ has been removed. And for good reason! Leave the standard and typical behind and enjoy an engagement photo shoot that puts the spotlight on your love, your connection, your steam…!

You may be surprised how easy it can truly be with these few ideas, especially in Whistler. Let’s get started.

Fool Around

That’s right, I won’t hold back here.  We are all “busy” with our own lives and even if you have announced to the world that you are soon to be married, the world has not slowed down one bit to help you find more time to get everything done and still find balance for some cuddle time with your fiancé.  So here is my trick, my mandatory must do before I meet up with my couples for their E-Session.

Clear your schedule 2 hours before your shoot, no matter what!  It will allow you to get ready while relaxing and enjoying this special time that has been made mandatory just for the two of you  and if you arrive a little fluttered, even better! Arrive 30 minutes early to your photoshoot and go for a walk, a coffee, a glass of wine with your partner, it will make you both have to slow down and reconnect.

Whistler engagement photo Session

Break the Ice

This E-Session is the very best thing that you can do to break the ice with your photographer, look at it as a rehearsal for your big day where there is nothing on the line except the opportunity for smoking hot photos of you and your honey. You get to see how you and your photographer connect so drop your guard and have some fun. Feel like looking silly? I can assure you one thing. Your photographer has seen everything and there’s likely nothing you can do that will shock them.

Whistler engagement photo Session

Meaningful Location

Upon the planning of the E-Session discuss with your photographer any meaningful locations that you have. It can be as simple as a special bench or a tandem bicycle that you were on when he proposed. Or an activity like skiing, rock climbing or hiking that you do together all the time. This information may spark some ideas for your photographer and equally as important, offer up the perfect spot for your engagement photo shoot that puts you in your element by keeping it familiar and comfortable for you.

Whistler Squamish engagement photo Session


Hands, hands, what do I do with my hands? I get asked this all the time and it’s also probably one of the pieces of advice that I’m always offering up. Everyone feels awkward at first being in front of the camera and it’s totally normal. Don’t even get me started on how I felt when I asked my hubby to take a couple of quick snaps of me sporting my gorgeous belly while pregnant…awkwarddddd!

There are lot’s of ideas with what to do with them but here’s a different angle to consider. Hold something. It helps keep you busy but more importantly it helps tell your story and bring some artistic elements into your session. This is where your personality can really come out. Maybe you love spending Sunday afternoons in the park reading old books and sipping lattes or you love cooking a meal together in your kitchen. There are SO much ideas to be generated from your respective hobbies and passion, let’s bring them in to tell your unique story.

By simply having a great connection with your partner and your photographer and a few personal touches included in your e-session, you can go from dreading to loving the idea of an engagement photo session. And have rocking images to brag about even before your gorgeous wedding day.

Whistler engagement photo Session

– Pascale oxo

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