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Whistler Wedding Photographer Helicopter Wedding Gadbois Photography 011

Can you imagine taking off in a helicopter, just the two of you to a mountain top to get married?

Teresa & Greg were thinking about getting married in Whistler and saw some of my images from previous Heli Weddings with the collaboration of Sea to Sky Celebrations. They knew this was the perfect adventure for them.

As an elopement, Sea to Sky Celebrations took care of all the details making sure that Teresa & Greg felt pampered, confidant and excited, everything was taken care of all that was left was to buckle in and go capture this beautiful union on the mountain top. Blackcomb Aviation was superb, making everyone feel at ease, safe and taking it nice and easy flying there and back (with the exception of a short joy ride for Greg who wanted to feel what it was like to drop off a cliff!) The pilot even served as a witness!

I can’t quite describe the feeling you have standing at the top of a mountain so high up and away from the hustle and bustle of civilization but it feels majestic, sacred and full of possibilities… what a better way to make a statement for this new chapter in their lives.

Huge Congrats!

– Pascale oxo

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