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Whistler Wedding Photography Gadbois Photography Love Letter 3
It seems like yesterday and yet so long ago. I can’t help but be amazed.

15 years ago, I married the young sexy blue eyed man I fell in love with skiing all these years ago and I am now looking at the beautiful strong man that you have become.

I am amazed by the complexity of what it truly feels like 15 years in. I can’t help but look back and think, we lucked out.

We lucked out that we were both committing to each other for the right reasons even though we were still so young in our individual growth.

We lucked out that we both separately had and still have such amazing role model as parents to show and shape us into how to treat your partner, how to show them respect, worth and unconditional love.

We lucked out that even though we were raised on opposite side of the country in a different culture and language, we were raised with the same core values.

We lucked out that our common type A personality and stubbornness ironically made us allies and not competitors (although we certainly know how to pull a good fair, clean, healthy fight or race down a trail or slope to finish ahead of the other).

We lucked out that our initial attraction for each other has grown into an inexplicable bond that feels like home to moment our skin touch or our eyes meet.
We certainly lucked out with the indescribable joy and pride that our smart, healthy, beautiful and funny daughter had brought into our lives.

We lucked out for endless amount of reasons but…

Remaining together is not one of them. 

There is an unspoken commitment between us to do the work.  To be each other’s biggest cheerleaders, to give the other the benefit of the doubt, that communication is key even if some topics are hard.  To allow ourself to be vulnerable even and especially when what we really want to do is close up or push away.  That we can be our own glorious self while still be on the same team and most of all that as long as we keep showing up day after day putting our best effort into this relationship that we are enough and loved no matter what.

Our motto in our home is; “Have courage and be kind”

It’s funny how it can truly be applied to every aspect of our lives, marriage included…

…and so as we celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary my love, I fell so lucky that our lives have led us to each other in the most interesting path but I feel most proud of the choice and work we have made these past twelve years and continue to make each day to keep us a priority.

– Pascale oxo

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